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8 Tips For Using CBD For Health & Wellness (A Woman’s Guide)

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Using CBD for health and wellness is a good habit to pick up as you get older. Our minds and bodies require special attention and care, which makes it that much more important to develop healthy habits in our 40s and beyond. 

CBD (cannabidiol) oil may help lessen the difficult physical and emotional changes that come about the older we get. With the potential to alleviate inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia, plus possible health benefits for people with cancer and diabetes, CBD could improve your quality of life in more ways than one. 

Women over 40 may find that these CBD health tips make the transition easier. 


8 tips for using CBD for health and wellness

Massage the pain away

It’s no secret that with aging comes new physical challenges. Over time, we begin to experience discomfort from simple tasks: walking upstairs, standing for long periods, or bending and reaching. These aches and pains are normal, unfortunately, but CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that may lighten the burden.

Hemp lotion soothes stiff joints and tight muscle knots naturally. As a topical, CBD lotion absorbs into your skin and activates pain receptors. Consider adding it to your skincare routine to stay ahead of arthritis-like pain and tired muscles.  


Find balance with meditation

Numerous studies suggest that meditation helps adults cope with anxiety, high blood pressure, pain, and IBS symptoms. The thing is, settling in and getting to a quiet mental space isn’t as easy as people make it look. Try carving out five to ten minutes a day to meditate alongside a low dose of CBD oil (2.5-5mg). CBD may improve your focus and concentration, allowing you to quietly slip away into a peaceful mental state. 


Think like an herbalist

Plants have been used since the beginning of time for their medicinal powers. Brewing a CBD-infused tea provides an extra oomph to your favorite herbal blend, as hemp plants promote restfulness and happiness. Hot tea (with a squeeze of lemon) is a simple concoction to sip on when you feel emotionally drained. Add a few drops from a CBD tincture and you may experience an enhanced warm and tingly sensation.  


Try light weight lifting

Your physician has probably already told you, but now that you’re getting older (and wiser), exercise is crucial to staying fit, happy, and healthy. No one’s saying you need to be in the gym seven days a week, but light cardio (brisk walking) and weight lifting (even five-pounders) make a difference. Early research suggests that CBD improves athletic performance, but you may find that it boosts motivation too. CBD gummies are the perfect pre-workout supplement to help get your body in motion. 


Remember to stretch 

Daily stretching has tremendous benefits on your overall health and wellness, from stress and pain management to improved sleep quality. Try using CBD alongside your yoga practice to channel relaxation and stillness. CBD and yoga also go hand-in-hand with menopause, since they both have mood-enhancing effects. 


Pamper your brain

Low energy levels and brain fog can make you think that you’re aging rapidly, but fatigue is a natural part of the process. Just like your skin needs TLC, your brain needs pampering too. If you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed, give yourself a break with CBD tinctures or gummies. The anti-anxiety properties of CBD make it a helpful brain supplement, plus you could feel renewed energy and motivation. 


Get enough zzzs

For some, growing older changes sleep patterns. You might become an early-riser but have trouble falling asleep when it’s time to wind down. A decent night of sleep keeps you from feeling miserable and groggy during the day. Taking CBD before bed could keep you in bed, soundly asleep, as opposed to waking up continuously throughout the night. 


Stay inspired and positive

Aging isn’t easy on your self-confidence and emotional wellbeing, but your outlook has a strong impact on your health. Stay in touch with family and friends, maintain strong connections, and train yourself to be positive, even when you’re feeling moody. CBD is there when you need it to make the hard things seem less intense, and help you find good in the small things. Treat yourself with a CBD massage or eat a CBD gummy or two when you need reinforcement. 


To sum it up

At first, hitting your 40s may be discouraging, especially as your body slows down and prepares for menopause. With small adjustments to your lifestyle, practicing health and wellness starts to feel like second nature. Even if you don’t feel your best every day, try to see the positives in the aging process and run with them. Growing older is a beautiful transition and using CBD throughout your journey can be a helpful reminder to push through the hard days.