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NYOS – Sharing CBD experiences with loved ones over the holidays

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CBD has probably changed your life and your perspective on health and wellness. You use natural CBD products every day to keep alert, manage pain, help relax and stay all around on top of your game and we’re sure you’d call it out from the highest mountain top if you could. The problem is that a proper CBD routine isn’t for everybody, nor can its benefits be forced on people, no matter how well intentioned your advice on wellness and health is toward everyone you mention CBD to in casual conversation. The fact of the matter is, as much as CBD has become part of your life and you know its benefits first-hand, not everyone is going to believe how much it can change theirs. Worry not, for there are fun and unique ways you can introduce the wonders of CBD to those you care about most this holiday season.

Let’s be frank for a moment; this holiday season will be very different from any we have experienced in past years. Health officials and scientists have advised that we keep holiday gatherings to a small number of attendees, that we try to remain within our own current households and that virtual events are the safest way to interact with one another. For those adhering to these health policies, typical holiday dinners, gift exchanges and parties will be nigh impossible. There are creative ways around this, you just need some unique perspective and plenty of planning. And if everything is done correctly, you will still be able to introduce the benefits and support of a CBD lifestyle to those you care about most.

Shared CBD snacks

There are plenty of you out there who have used CBD in tasty recipes such as pastries, cakes, cookies and other such tempting sweets. This is your chance to share your treats over vast distances, or at least to nanna who lives in the next county. This may seem fairly simple, but with technology and virtual events, you can make this a fun and exciting experience for everyone.

Fair warning before you try this, discuss this with everybody involved before starting this shared gastronomic adventure. It’s important that everyone understands what they’re taking part in, and that they are all comfortable with the idea, because as much as you’d like to make everyone into a CBD convert, they have to be willing to try it in the first place. So, no sneaking CBD brownies into Uncle Randy’s diet without him knowing about it. Then when you make your CBD delectable, be cautious with the dosage. You never know how a few drops of full spectrum oil will affect your best friend Mica if they’ve never tried it before. You should let them know what kind of benefits to expect from trying a small dose of CBD, so they know what to look out for. We also suggest that you do this with cookies, they’re easier to pack, preferably in tins, and easy to mail.

Once you’ve discussed what you’ll be sharing, plan how it’ll be shared before sending anything out. Let them all know that you’d like this to be part of your holiday event this year. Plan a moment during the virtual get-together where you’d like everyone to reach for their tasty stash and enjoy a sweet moment together as a community. Tell them you’ll walk them through it as they enjoy their own batch of delicious discs and you’ll answer any questions they may have about their particular experience. Assure them that this isn’t something to get high from, walk them through the benefits you experience with CBD and that they’ll be enjoying those benefits without the worry of side effects.

Then mail out those treats, allowing for delivery times. Once everyone has their hands on your little sweet treasures, you can look forward to a moment of sharing and communion through CBD and love.

Virtual Gift Giving

This one is simple, give CBD gifts. People tend to try new things when it doesn’t cost them anything. So, what better way to introduce CBD to those who don’t yet see the value in it by sending them a lovely gift basket full of what you believe to be the most fitting CBD products for that person. Whichever lifestyle they lead, you can build the perfect gift basket for them. Tinctures for those who need help measuring their dosage, softgels for those on the go or topicals for those living a more active lifestyle.

You may also want to keep in mind that since you’re already attending a virtual holiday get together virtually for an over-the-air gift exchange. You can keep the tradition of a gift exchange alive this way. A traditional gift exchange may seem like an impossible task this year, without the ability to gather ‘round the tree as Uncle John plays Santa and you get to see the faces of friends and family light up as they open the perfect gift you’ve selected for each person, but if you organize a point during the virtual where people can open gifts on camera and share what they’ve received, you can all still experience a moment of tradition and sharing together, even it is apart.

Again, you can introduce CBD products through gifts to each person, walking them through how these gifts can affect their lifestyle and what benefits they can expect. Wrapping and delivering gifts to loved ones has never been easier. This is made even easier with the ability to order the CBD products you’d like to share online from the NYOS shop. Find what you want in our shop and have it all delivered. This makes organizing an over-the-air gift exchange quick and convenient. Have your gifts delivered ahead of time and workout a point during your virtual holiday party when everyone should be “exchanging” gifts. Just like with the sweet treats, make these plans before you start sending gifts, otherwise it won’t be just the “gift wrap goblins” who’ll spoil the fun.

CBD is a perfect way to let people know you care about them.

It’s never been easier to share a CBD lifestyle with people, as more is researched about its benefits and more people have discovered its support first-hand. This holiday season really make it about other people and share what you already know about CBD.