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What is CBD?

Ah! The million-dollar question. What is CBD? Unfortunately, there is a  lot of assumptions about CBD that are totally false.  You mention CBD and people get that look on their face or they immediately say. “Oh no, I don’t do that” Why? Because they often think…

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What to Look for When Buying CBD

CBD has become increasingly popular as a substance that potentially helps combat anything from chronic pain to stress and anxiety. As a result, the variety of products available to consumers has widened.  It may be difficult or confusing to weed through the thousands of available CBD…

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How To Use CBD For Anxiety (According To Science)

Plant-based and non-addictive, CBD for anxiety is a popular conversation topic. Wellness communities and research labs across the world are all buzzing about CBD and how the cannabis compound may tame anxiety-related symptoms.  Those joining the conversation for the first time may be interested to know…

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