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Why You Should Add CBD To Your Daily Routine Back At Your Workplace

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Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, returning to work after quarantine will take some getting used to. After all, the stay-at-home mandate (willingly) turned most of us into homebodies, so feeling anxious about adapting back to “normal” life is to be expected. 

Using CBD oil is one way to cope with social anxiety and nervous energy about returning to work. Research suggests that CBD helps people cope with anxiety triggers, such as being around large groups of people. 

Here are eight ways to incorporate CBD into your work routine, plus tips for finding a work-life balance: 

  • Manage stress and anxiety 

For many people, anxiety skyrocketed during the pandemic. Across the globe, anxiety disorders soared three times past the normal rate, according to research findings. Restrictions have already begun to lift, however, allowing people to return to work, travel, and gather in large crowds. 

In light of what we went through, feeling uneasy and stressed out about being around people again is only natural. Social distancing literally drove a physical and emotional wedge between everyone, but now that it’s going away, introverts may be feeling panicky and anxious.  

Microsing CBD is a viable solution, given the fact that it’s non-psychoactive (in other words, it won’t make you “high”). CBD has therapeutic potential for numerous anxiety disorders, such as PTSD and social anxiety. Shy and quiet personalities may need extra encouragement now more than ever, and since CBD doesn’t alter cognitive functioning, using it before and even during work won’t draw unwanted attention. 


Try dosing CBD tinctures into your favorite morning beverage for boosted productivity and focus.


  • Soothe troublesome pain

More specifically, we’re talking about the types of pain you get from working at a desk, standing on your feet, or staring at a screen for extended periods—these types of workplace aches and pains aren’t something to ignore. 

Our bodies can manifest stress in physical ways. Muscle knots and inflammation flare-ups are symptoms of stress. And coming out of quarantine, many of us are still dealing with residual anxiety and stress that may be detrimental to our work performance. 

If you work a job that requires you to be on your feet or sit at a desk all day, bringing a CBD lotion to work may provide instant relief. Preliminary research suggests that CBD topicals have a localized effect on chronic pain.  


This high-strength CBD salve, from NYOS, is a great afternoon pick-me-up and excuse to give yourself a massage at work. 


  • Develop healthy coping strategies 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about the idea of going back to work, remember to give yourself time to heal. Quarantine was emotionally trying for many of us, but developing healthy coping strategies will make the transition easier. 


Be kind and patient with yourself. Make time for self-care, take a brisk walk, and learn to breathe through your anxiety. And if you need it, CBD vapes or tinctures can nudge you in the right direction. 


  • Get restful sleep

Not everyone had the luxury of working from home during quarantine or taking afternoon naps in between Zoom meetings. But if you’re back to the eight-hour workday, your sleep schedule may have taken a hit. 

One of the most well-known reasons why people use CBD is for sleep. Dosing CBD before bed, as an edible or tincture, could take your mind off of anxious thoughts about work. Keep in mind that the sleep-inducing effects of CBD work best over time, so develop a consistent sleep schedule while you find the best dose for you. 


  • Prioritize mindfulness

As you return to work, remember to check in with yourself. It’s okay if you’re a little slower than usual. Prioritize your mental health and try to be in the present, which may not be the easiest for people with residual anxiety and PTSD from the pandemic. 

CBD can be an emotional crutch if you’re having a hard time. It has anti-anxiety properties to help you self-soothe and relax. If you’re under a lot of pressure at work, try microdosing CBD to find the balance. 


  • Ease into social situations 

No need to overcommit yourself so soon. Social anxiety and COVID went hand-in-hand, so you’re allowed to feel cautious about after-work hangouts. 

Take your time and don’t feel bad about saying “no thank you” if you’re not ready. Those who are ready but feel nervous about meeting up with coworkers can use CBD to ease back into it.


  • Be flexible and open-minded

That includes employers as much as it does employees. The workplace dynamic may have changed due to COVID. Some people preferred working from home, others couldn’t wait to return. Try to be understanding of other people’s concerns. Being open-minded and willing to adapt benefits everyone. 


  • Recommend CBD to an anxious friend 

Chances are, there’s someone at work whose anxiety is worse than yours. Do your coworker/friend a favor and suggest they try a CBD tincture. Talking about anxiety can be difficult. Your friend may not know about the benefits of CBD for anxiety. 


To sum it up: 

Most of us were high anxiety in 2020, and going back to “the way things were” is only adding to those concerns. Surround yourself with a good support system, be gentle with yourself, and use CBD if you need it. Together, these strategies can improve your well-being and mental health.