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Our Journey

NYOS is a family-owned and operated business, built on love, trust, loyalty, a strong work ethic, and family values.

Our Journey

We have been best friends for over 25 years and have gone through everything together. We’ve loved and supported each other through all of the ups and downs in life that have come our way ‒ including Tracy’s husband surviving brain cancer twice and enduring several unrelated surgeries that have left him with aches and discomfort. We’ve witnessed the parents who gave us life, lose theirs.

We’ve always believed in a holistic and homeopathic approach to wellness and the healing benefits of plant-based products. Jacqueline drove the initiative through to approval as the Certified Usui Reiki Master of the Reiki Program at Cedar Sinai Medical Center. As the years have passed and we’ve matured, we’ve experienced the usual aches, discomforts and sleepless nights, etc. that come with aging. So, we began our own research for organic, healthy options to ease these symptoms.

Recognizing the amazing benefits of CBD, we and the men in our lives, began to try various products ourselves. However, we quickly realized the poor quality of what was available and the need for premium grade high-quality CBD products.

Hence the spark of inspiration that created NYOS, which stands for Not Your Ordinary Stash (Pronounced: N-YO’S).

  • Yes, there is a play on the name, and we all know what it is. But the definition of “stash” is synonymous with an abundance of valued, lavish items, such as in a pirate’s treasure-trove.
  • The beach theme? We simply love the beach!
  • And the coral on our packaging? This is what it represents to us: Just as healthy, vibrant coral reefs support an abundantly healthy oceanic ecosystem, our products support the body’s immune system to promote complete health, wellness, and overall well-being.

And so our research began! From day one, our goal was always to do it right and to create the NYOS brand to provide only the highest-quality CBD products. Once we set our intention, we were so fortunate to have had providence align us with amazing teams of professionals who shared their knowledge and expertise to help us launch our NYOS brand. It’s been a wonderful adventure filled with new knowledge learned, experience gained, and evolved personal growth. And, we are just getting started!

We are extremely proud of our NYOS brand and the products we now offer. As we continue to add new products, we stand by our promise and guarantee to only provide you with the very best Premium Grade Hemp Extract CBD Products ‒ ranging from the everyday must-haves to lavish items.

As our journey continues, we dream of the beach with our feet in the sand and share our belief that – life should be an expression of love and joy in motion… We hope you find this in your life and more. We hope you enjoy the benefits of our NYOS products as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you!

NYOS – Vision

We’ve pondered a few business ideas over the years. But none felt quite right until the spark of inspiration ignited for NYOS.

We believe we are all here in this beautiful life to be of service to each other.

So we didn’t want to start just any business or sell meaningless products. We wanted to share with the world something that would enhance the lives of others while contributing to the support of this wonderful planet.

Hence, our vision is to share the amazing benefits of Premium Quality CBD.

We are working towards only using sustainable bottles, jars, and packaging to help support the environment. And we are also giving back by donating to some of the amazing organizations fighting to save our oceans.