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Buy Hemp CBD Oil in Napa, CA

Premium Grade CBD Oil in Napa, CA

A bottle of white wine and grapes on glasses.It’s no secret that Napa, California, is a prominent city when it comes to wine. For many, just hearing the name “Napa” evokes visions of rolling hills, plump wine grapes cascading down miles of healthy vineyards as far as the eye can see, and lush, breathtaking landscapes. As the epicenter of the wine industry in California, Napa is lovingly referred to as one of the biggest cities in the “wine country.” Featuring several prestigious wineries, educational tours, and even hidden tasting rooms throughout the city, Napa embodies everything wine enthusiasts love.

Beyond exceptional wine, Napa is a wonderland of entertainment for residents and visitors. From the renowned Riverfront Promenade, featuring posh dining options and boutique shopping, to the focal point of the local arts scene – the Napa Valley Opera House – Napa is truly a treat for all the senses. And just like taking that first sip of perfectly-aged wine, residents immediately know quality and they settle for nothing less. That’s why, when locals want to buy hemp CBD Oil in Napa, CA, they only shop with NYOS. NYOS is California’s trusted brand for the highest quality, organically-grown, Premium Grade CBD.

CBD: Everything You Need to Know

If you are new to CBD, you may have some natural curiosities about it. With so many people talking about it and products flooding stores, it’s important to have all the basic CBD facts before you start shopping. Here are the things every customer needs to know to be well-informed:

Hemp-derived CBD is completely legal in the United States since the Farm Bill of 2018 passed. The bill allowed all hemp-derived CBD containing .3% THC or less to be purchased and consumed freely.

→ CBD is one of the many compounds (called cannabinoids) extracted from the hemp plant, and it is known to uniquely interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Pure, high-quality CBD can offer many physical benefits, and promote a calm, peaceful state of mind as well.

→ CBD is safe to use on a daily basis, as the body does not build up a tolerance to it. This allows for the same dosage to be effective for an extended period of time without the need for modification.

All CBD is not created equally. Make sure your brand of choice uses organically-grown hemp, meticulously processed with consistent, safe extraction and purification processes, and utilizes a third-party lab for quality assurance (so you know exactly what’s in the bottle).

NYOS – High-Quality CBD with a Personal Touch

Because CBD has become so popular in recent years, generic CBD products can be found just about anywhere. Unfortunately, low-grade products produce little to no results and can potentially be unsafe to use. Many brands don’t have a website you can refer to, and they don’t prove the claims made on their labels, including their ingredient list. We believe if you can’t verify what’s in your CBD product, you shouldn’t take it. Your health and well-being are far too important to risk.

At NYOS, your wellness is a priority to us, and you never have to question the accuracy of our packaging. We batch test every product using an unbiased third-party lab and make the results available to you so you can see our quality and purity for yourself.

NYOS’ Premium Grade CBD is not only well-loved for what it is:

✓ all-natural
✓ organically grown
✓ versatile
✓ safe to use day or night
✓ dependable
✓ luxurious
✓ fast-acting
✓ long-lasting

…it is also the top choice of customers from coast to coast for what it is not. NYOS CBD:

✓ is not addictive
✓ does not cause psychoactive side effects
✓ does not contain THC
✓ does not contain gluten
✓ does not contain harsh chemicals or metals

As a family-owned and operated company, offering pure, peerless CBD is important to us, because producing excellent products helps define who we are as a brand. We continue to stand out amongst our competitors, as we are personally invested in our customers and their wellness journeys, and we guarantee your satisfaction when you shop with us.

Improved Wellness Starts Here

We believe that life is an expression of love and joy in motion, and we work tirelessly to help you live your best life with the help of our Premium Grade CBD. If you are ready to join our family of returning customers and buy hemp CBD oil in Napa, CA, we welcome you to shop our diverse inventory. You can find everything from everyday essentials to lavish CBD products to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. There has never been a better time to invest in yourself and your wellness!

You can contact us if you have questions, or if you’d like a personal product recommendation. We would love to connect with you!