Premium Hemp CBD Softgels


Each Premium Hemp softgel is made using our water soluble nanoemulsion technology, shown to increase bioavailability up to 200% over an oil-based CBD product.
Softgels give you a consistent and predictable results and are easy-to-swallow format.

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Broad Spectrum


THC Free


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Product Details

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Why Choose CBD Softgels?

Our premium hemp CBD Softgels are superior. The cannabinoid emulsion droplets that form the active ingredient of these softgels are only about 25 nanometers in size — our industry competitors’ particles are up to 200x larger! This maximizes the in vivo absorption capabilities dramatically. As a result, you’ll experience serving bioavailability that’s at least 2x higher versus CBD delivered in oil form. 

Our high-efficiency bioavailable formulation allows the nano-sized droplets of cannabidiol to be quickly and easily absorbed into your bloodstream promoting fast-acting results. 

NYOS premium CBD softgels are also made with PCR oil packed with phytonutrients. And as with all our products, CBD softgels contain zero THC.

  • Servings

    30 servings per bottle
    25 mg per softgel

    Usage instructions: 1-4 softgels per day

  • Attributes
    • Zero THC
    • Broad Spectrum Profile
    • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Shelf Life
    Shelf Life

    18-Month Shelf Stable

  • Microbial Analysis
    Microbial Analysis
    • Total Aerobic Count < 2,000 cfu/g
    • Total Yeast and Mold < 200 cfu/g
    • E. Coli = Negative
    • Salmonella = Negative
  • Contaminant Analysis
    Contaminant Analysis
    • Heavy Metals: Not Detected (ND)
    • Lead: ND
    • Arsenic: ND
    • Residual Solvents: ND
  • Key Benefits
    Key Benefits
    • Manufactured in U.S.A.
    • Organically Grown Hemp
    • Pharmaceutical Grade

What Our Clients Say


Love this site, it’s relaxing to look at and easy to shop. I heard about NYOS from a friend and was so happy I did because it has a great selection of awesome products.

~ Heather

Frequently Asked Questions

How much CBD is in each softgel?

25 mg

Is there any THC?

There is no THC in any of our products.

What is the shelf-life?

Approximately 18 months.

What does PCR stand for?

PCR stands for “phytocannabinoid-rich.”

How should I store the product?

Product should be stored at room temperature in a dry place.

How many sofgels are there in a bottle?


Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Softgels

Whether you are reaching for an all-natural product to promote emotional relaxation or to ease physical tension, our premium-grade hemp CBD softgels are a perfect addition to any routine. Safe to use and non-addictive, these softgels are a staple on the nightstands of many CBD enthusiasts who wish to incorporate the many benefits of high-quality CBD into their lifestyle, seamlessly and without a lot of fuss.

Our premium hemp CBD softgels have been carefully crafted to contain the most potent, organically-grown CBD on the market, ensuring that every single dosage is pure and effective. Premeasured into easy-to-swallow gels, adding CBD to your evening ritual has never been easier! Each bottle contains:

  • 30 softgels, each containing 25 milligrams of our purest, most robust phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, delivering the full plant profile in every dose.
  • ZERO THC, the ingredient known for psychoactive side effects. We diligently remove all traces of THC from our Softgels as well as every product in our inventory.
  • ZERO unwanted ingredients, like residual solvents, pesticides, and metals.
  • A unique, scannable QR code, which gives you immediate access to the third-party lab results for your product, ensuring that your label is identical to what is actually in the bottle.
  • The most bioavailable CBD on the market, thanks to the scientifically-advanced process of nanoemulsion, which microscopically transforms each CBD particle into the most ideal size for absorption into your bloodstream.

Simply take your ideal dosage with water about 30 minutes before bed, and before you know it, your body will be reaping the many benefits of CBD. If you are new to CBD, we suggest starting with one CBD softgel and incrementally increasing your dosage, listening closely to your body to see how it makes you feel. If you need further dosage recommendations or assistance in fine-tuning your dosage to meet your personal needs, reach out to a friendly NYOS CBD professional and we will work with you personally to help you get it right.

Take Charge of Your Wellness with NYOS

It doesn’t have to be the start of a new year or a milestone birthday to begin setting your personal wellness goals. The moment you realize that you want to feel more relaxed, more emotionally-centered, and more youthful and vivacious, that’s when you can make a change. It’s not too late to turn back the clock and experience a more fulfilling life, and a pure, exceptional CBD product is an all-natural way to begin that journey.

On a regular basis, the many beneficial powers of CBD are still being discovered, but here are just a few amazing ways it can support a wellness-centered lifestyle change:

  • CBD can encourage true relaxation and ease to even the most wound-up, emotionally stretched individual.
  • CBD can help breathe new life into your overworked, fatigued muscles and joints.
  • CBD can aid in a more restful night’s sleep, recharging your mind and body fully so you can face your days feeling rejuvenated.
  • CBD can encourage enhanced muscle and joint recovery.
  • CBD can penetrate your skin, offering skin-calming support and nourishing moisturization head to toe.

With so many versatile CBD products available, there is something for everyone. And, because our CBD is all-natural, hemp-derived, and carefully processed to preserve every beneficial compound from the hemp plant, you can trust that you are receiving only the highest-quality CBD product, no matter which product you choose.

You may feel like you don’t have the time to add anything else into your already-packed schedule. But you may be surprised to learn that just about every premium-grade NYOS CBD product can be incorporated into your daily routine in just about 60 seconds. So, whether you’re enjoying your favorite flavor of our phytocannabinoid-rich CBD oil under your tongue, taking one of our convenient premium hemp CBD softgels before bed, pampering your skin with our nutrient-rich body balm or face cream, or enjoying the sweetness of an apple-flavored gummy, you are truly just moments away from feeling a more enhanced, relaxed disposition thanks to the power of our high-quality CBD.