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How To Use CBD To Relax And Get In “The Mood” This Valentine’s Day

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How To Use CBD To Relax And Get In “The Mood” This Valentine’s Day

Incorporating CBD into your Valentine’s Day plans is a gift in itself. Everyone will be gifting chocolates and roses, so why not surprise your sweetie with a sensual CBD instead?

Whether you’re celebrating with your partner or treating yourself to self-care, CBD should be at the top of your list of things to do on Valentine’s Day.

There are several ways to set the mood with CBD, and luckily, last-minute shoppers still have time to pick up CBD products for a passionate evening full of endless and lustful relaxation.


How To Use CBD To Relax And Get In “The Mood”

By now, you’ve probably heard tidbits of information about CBD (cannabidiol) oil. Many people find relief from anxiety, stress, and pain after consuming hemp CBD—not to be confused with marijuana, which contains THC and has psychoactive properties.

NYOS Premium Grade CBD is 100% THC Free has titillating effects on the mind and body but doesn’t give you a “high” sensation, but will help you feel relaxed and calm. This Valentine’s Day, you might be interested to know more about CBD and the plant’s aphrodisiac abilities.

Scientists are studying how it works, but in theory, CBD increases blood flow and amplifies sex drive by indirectly activating sex hormones via the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Preliminary studies with animal test subjects form the bulk of the findings, although anecdotal evidence ardently supports the use of CBD for hotter sex.

We’ve listed five steamy ways to plan a date night with CBD. Feel free to try them all if you’re feeling especially adventurous on Valentine’s Day.


Take a bath with a CBD bath bomb

CBD bath bombs are exactly what they sound like-heavenly fizzy balls infused with CBD. Drop one into your bathwater and you’ll feel quick therapeutic relief from inflammation and anxiety.

If you’re doing Valentine’s Day for one, draw yourself a luxurious bath and soak for a solid half-hour to notice the CBD bath bomb effects. The combination of scented bathwater and CBD could tempt you to sensual explorations, so come ready to let your guard down and enjoy playtime.

But if you want to score major points with your partner, take the initiative to set the scene with candles, mood lighting, and lavender CBD bath bombs from NYOS. Impress your sweetie by having everything ready to go, and don’t forget the rose petals.


Give each other massages using CBD cream or salve

NYOS Premium Help CBD cream or NYOS Premium Help Salve helps facilitate relaxation due to their anti‑inflammatory properties. Plus, they’re the perfect excuse to get some hands-on action with your partner.

The body holds stress in different ways, which is why CBD salves can help ease tense muscle knots, stiff joints, and irritating arthritis-related symptoms. To set the mood on Valentine’s Day, offer to give your partner the full spa treatment: rub an NYOS CBD salve into their back and neck muscles, knead out any knots, and work your hands deep into their skin.

This little gesture might get you both in the bedroom for a more thorough body massage.


Add CBD tincture to your cocktails

NYOS Premium Help CBD Tinctures. You get the choice of 500mg or 1000mg and three flavors, Natural, Lemon, or Mint.

CBD tinctures make happy hour a whole lot happier. This oil-based delivery method is a simple way to boost cocktails and craft beverages on Valentine’s Day.

Drinking CBD can help take the edge off of first dates, but long-term couples can benefit too. Set the mood by dosing beverages with CBD, preferably with low-sugar ingredients to keep things light on the stomach before things heat up later in the evening.


Use CBD Softgels

Want to try something fast absorbing? Try NYOS Premium Help CBD Sogtgels

Try natural, or will curcumin or melatonin

Each Premium Hemp softgel is made using our water-soluble nanoemulsion technology, shown to increase bioavailability up to 200% over an oil-based CBD product.
Softgels give you consistent and predictable results and are easy-to-swallow format.


CBD Gummies before cuddling

Finally, NYOS Premium Help CBD Gummies brings out a delicious and fun way to deliver the amazing benefits of CBD.  CBD features additional therapeutic components like terpenes that can help you feel closer to your sweetie.

Expect to feel heightened relaxation after trying CBD gummies. . Cuddling is also highly recommended.

CBD has been linked to the production of pleasure and bliss hormones, so you could find yourself entangled in your lover’s arms. No complaints here!


 To sum it up

Plant medicine is all about lowering stress and anxiety, which is why showing your sweetie how much you care can be as simple as a romantic rubdown with CBD.

Exploring CBD with your partner is a relaxing way to connect and discover mutual interests in and out of the bedroom. Make the experience your own and remember this as you try CBD for sex on Valentine’s Day: go with the flow and have fun!



-How to use CBD for anxiety?

First, assess your anxiety symptoms, then consider which delivery method is best suited to your health needs: CBD tinctures, flower, vapes, salves, or edibles. CBD newbies should stick with low doses and gradually work up to higher potency.

-What’s the CBD dosage for anxiety?

There’s no one-size-fits-all CBD dose for anxiety. Some people experience relief from 5mg of CBD, while others prefer doses between 25-100mg. Experiment daily until you find the number that works for your anxiety symptoms.

-Does CBD help sexually?

Many people find that CBD improves libido and pleasure. The scientific community likens this to the aphrodisiac effect of CBD on the brain’s reward center. Keep in mind that everyone’s sexual experience is unique and subjective, although CBD is an increasingly popular option for improved intimacy.

-Does CBD make you last longer?

There’s no clinical evidence to say CBD keeps things up in the bedroom, but practitioners of Ayurveda believe the cannabis plant improves ejaculatory function.  

-Can you use CBD oil as lube?

It’s best to stick with lubricants that are infused with CBD rather than using a tincture on its own. CBD lube is fortified with special ingredients to offset irritation. When in doubt, look for products with verifiable third-party lab results.